A community of fathers, to support each other to share, to heal, to grow, and to start living towards a life of purpose and meaning. A life of self-leadership where, together, we rise into our collective responsibility for a better future for our children and our planet.

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A community of fathers, fathers-to-be, and men who feel a father-like responsibility or calling in life.

“Masses of men have not even begun to look at the ways that patriarchy keeps them from knowing themselves, from being in touch with their feelings, from loving.”

—Bell Hooks, The Will to Change.


Many fathers these days feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused, by all the pushes and pulls of life. Productivity, progress, and perfection always chasing us. Never time to really find some stillness. Never really having the  space to look around at where we are, who we are, who we have become, and how we are doing. It often requires courage to create that space for ourselves and to actually sit in that space. Stillness can be quite uncomfortable and confronting. Especially in a society that makes us feel that doing "nothing" is unproductive.

But even though we seem to be "progressing", technology is creating all kinds of "solutions", science can tell us how to "live better", on social media we are sold countless "self-care" tools and courses, yet look at the rising numbers in anxiety, depression and suicides. Our leaders, politicians, businesses, scientists, are saying they have all the answers, but are they actually asking the right questions?
What questions do you feel when you look at your own life?
What are the questions that really matter to you?
What are the questions that your soul asks you?

I believe it's only through community that we can transform these external pressures into an internal space of peace, purpose, and presence.

 Family, work, and raising our children, and also the larger issues that threaten the quality of life for our children and their children, ecological destruction, and the alarming increase in mental health issues in our youth and in us men. Causing symptoms like burnout, anxiety, depression, and suicide among men to rise at alarming speeds all over the world.

 It can be hard for us fathers to see how we can start living into our truth. To feel fully connected to our family and friends, to life all around us, while also feeling a sense of meaning in our work, feeling clarity of purpose and direction in life.

“Peace, purpose, and presence, instead of productivity, progress, and perfectionism.”

 Now more than ever, it's important for us fathers, to become an inspiration to our children, to confront our shadows, reconnect with nature, reconnect with ourselves, and connect with other fathers to learn to embody the qualities our world so urgently needs for healing.

 So here is an invitation, to gather, into a place of deeper connection, and truthful dialogue, to embrace what it means to live into the responsibility we fathers have for our children, our planet, and also ourselves.