Insight from the outside.

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About me

For the last 7 years, while running my own startup studio, I have created businesses, brands, products and interfaces. I led design-, development-, and new product development teams for startups, scale-ups and corporates such as Nike, Rabobank, KPN, Reed Elsevier and ID&T. During this time I helped business leaders clarify their needs, increase their quality, unblock teams, and create momentum. In 2019 I decided to quit my company to focus my skills on helping leaders build honest brands that are led with responsibility, openness, honesty, care and vulnerability at their core.

My mantra is: Protect where you play

Connection - I want to help you find a deeper connection with yourself, with others, and with nature, to reach your full potentional and find clarity in your purpose.
Care - I deeply care about people and their well-being. Both their physical and mental well-being. Too often care is left out by brand strategists, but well-being is a big part of how you run your business. Your personal well-being, that of your community, and that of the planet. 
Curiosity and attention - Trusting our curiosity helps us listen more deeply, to lead us beyond our obstacles to explore our creativity, to find joy, to move with the energy we have, and also to engage in the difficult conversations. Curiosity and deep listening is where we start to find kindness and love for ourselves and each other.
Love for life - To let the love for all living see what we need to do and guide our decisions.

I believe that:

• we need more female leaders and feminine values leading our businesses and nurturing our cultures.
• designers should always be conscious of the influence they have on their clients and the products that their clients produce. Be ethical and responsible in your work.
• we should choose courage and curiosity over comfort when facing difficult conversations.
• we should always let our moral compass and gut feeling play a part in our decision-making.
• showing gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal will help you walk this earth a little more lightly.

I am currently studying: Regenerative Leadership, Leading From the Emerging Future, MITx, ULab.

I am currently researching: Regenerative Leadership and Systems Design (and how to apply both to building brands). Liminal spaces.

I am currently reading: Regenerative Leadership by Laura Storm and Giles Hutchins. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

I enjoy: Writing, reading, running, bouldering and going on mini adventures with his two beautiful boys.

I would love to work with: Patagonia, Amani Institude, Ashoka, Schumacher College, Acumen, Movements for positive change, any kind of B-Corp, any social entrepreneur building a personal brand or starting a business.

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