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Danny came to us to help him design and position his woodworking and interior design practice. Most companies in this market don't really care too much about their design and communication. Danny told us that one of his goals would be to work together with architects and interior designers as the go to woodworker/designer.

From that goal we intentionally designed his brand identity with a minimal and timeless approach. It's not difficult to stand out with good design in this market, and although many startups are told to bootstrap their design, we believed we could create a well designed, strong identity suited for this budget (I can't stress enough that considered and intentional branding is everything when starting in saturated markets). I'm very glad that Danny gave us the freedom to create his brand for him based on our expertise and experience instead of what he was used to seeing in his market. It meant that he had to move outside his comfort zone and expectations. It also means he now has a brand identity that he can be as proud of as the work he produces. It's not just something that had to be done and paid for, but it's a personal investment and extension in the pride he takes in his own work.

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First logo proposal


First logo proposal


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