Reimagining the soul for personal & collective wellbeing in times of great uncertainty.


A newsletter exploring the intersection of our personal shadows, collective wellbeing, and disconnect with the natural world, through the eye of the soul.

I believe we're living in a time of transformation, an initiatory time. While we're heading to uncertainty, and maybe because of our enduring hyperconnectivity, we're trying to hold on to a sense of certainty more than ever. We feel lost, less validated, less seen, we feel guilt and shame when we are tired or depressed, because all that our culture highlights these days are success, freedom, and happiness. Although there is nothing wrong with opposites, with contrast and with different perspectives, polars create a tension in between which potentially brings renewal or rebirth, but because we have become so disconnected from trusting our inner wisdom, we are now seeking containment within identitties that are created through external power.